Famous Coaches in the History of Soccer

Sir Alex Ferguson recently stepped down as boss of Manchester United after lifting his 13th Premier League title. He racked up 49 trophies in total, and he walks away from the game as its greatest ever club manager. He broke up the Old Firm’s stranglehold on Scottish football before completely dominating the English game for more than two decades at United.

Rinus Michels was named the Manager of the Century by FIFA in 1999. He is remembered for bringing Read the rest of this entry »

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The Best Soccer Video Games Available

When it comes to buying soccer video games, two games immediately come to the forefront of the discussion. FIFA 13 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 are miles ahead of their competition.

FIFA 13 features the most comprehensive club soccer action in video games, featuring every top level soccer league in Europe, along with the best that North America, South America, Asia and Africa have to offer. FIFA also features the best online play experience out of any soccer video game with its ability to play Read the rest of this entry »

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World Cup Soccer and its Popularity

World Cup Soccer is by far the most popular type of soccer in the world today. When every country has a team for representation, the stakes are high at the tournament. The avid fans of soccer proudly support their country’s teams at all costs. There are fights, riots, cheers, boos, tears, and triumphant victories at World Cup Soccer events. It’s easy to root for your own country’s team. It’s almost like it is part of your patriotic duty. Your country’s Read the rest of this entry »

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Soccer in the Olympics: An Overview

Soccer is the most popular world sport because people play and watch soccer more than all other professional sports combined. Playing in the Olympic Games is the highlight for almost every soccer player, but winning that Olympic gold medal proves to the entire world you are on top of the sport. It gives your country that feeling of superiority and even for each player, winning the Olympic soccer tournament can help start a an individual career by putting their name on the map and Read the rest of this entry »

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The U.S. and its Mixed Relationship with Soccer

There is some dissension about when the sport of soccer actually started in the United States. Some say it began with Native Americans, but the first soccer club in America was established in the 1800s. It was not organized in any way. The rules were almost non-existent for the playing of the game. Each school and area had their own way of playing so the games between different teams were chaotic. The first real organized association was founded in 1884. The American Football Association tried to Read the rest of this entry »

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The Role of Women’s Soccer in the Sport Overall

There are many great sports out there to participate in. Some sports are easier than others. One very challenging but fun sport is soccer. Soccer is played all over the world but all different kinds of people.

Soccer is a great sport for many men, women, or children. It is easier to get to the professionals if you start as a young child. Parents are responsible for helping their children succeed at this at a young age. There are many ways to teach your child this challenging sport. One is to teach them yourself. When teaching Read the rest of this entry »

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Tie-Breaking in the Game of Soccer

Tie-breaking in the game of soccer is just one more reason for fans of this sport to look forward to upcoming matches and games. Few sports are as exciting, popular and as thrilling to watch as soccer is, ensuring that fans will always have something to cheer about. When it comes to breaking a tie game, fans are in for a white knuckle ride.

Learning more about this sport, as well as what makes it Read the rest of this entry »

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The History of Soccer and its British Roots

Football also known as soccer in the United States, is a past time that has been in existence since 1863. It’s roots lie in London when the standardization of the game was created so that clubs could compete against each other fairly. Before the standardization of football, most clubs played by their own rules.

Beginnings of competition
After months of deliberating over the rules eventually, the Football Association finally settled on the official regulations of Read the rest of this entry »

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